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Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Are you having flu clinics this year?

Yes. Plans for the upcoming 2020-21 flu season are underway.

When will flu clinics start?

Once availability of vaccines is known, clinic dates will be determined. Our website will be updated once clinic dates and times are confirmed. This information will likely be available by the end of September and will be posted here.

Can we book an appointment?

Flu vaccines will be by appointment only. There will be no walk in clinics this year. Once clinic dates and times are determined, you can call the pharmacy to book your appointment. The telephone number is: 250-590-6053. Clinic dates and times will be posted on the website.

Can my friend get a vaccine if he/she did not book an appointment?

Only those who have booked an appointment can receive a vaccine.

Will my flu shot be free?

We are offering publicly funded vaccines. Individuals must be residents of British Columbia and meet the criteria set out by the provincial authorities to qualify. A list of individuals eligible for a free vaccine can be found at this link

We will not have privately funded vaccines this year.

Will you have the FluZone High-Dose for seniors?

A limited number of FluZone High-Dose will be available. This is an out of pocket expense. These vaccines are expected to arrive mid-October.

FluZone High-Dose is recommended for individuals 65 years and older. To reserve a FluZone High-Dose, please contact the pharmacy.

Will you have FluMist (the nasal vaccine)?

We will not be offering FluMist.

Can I get other vaccines at the same time?

Our focus for this time will be to ensure everyone gets their flu shots therefore we will not be administering other vaccines during flu shot clinics. Administration of other vaccines will resume mid-late November and will be by appointment only on allocated days.

Are children welcome to the clinic?

Children 6 and up who have previously had the flu shot can attend the clinic by appointment. If your child is anxious or nervous, please speak to the pharmacy team about options to reduce the stress on your child.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes. All individuals receiving a vaccine must wear a mask. Pharmacy staff at the clinic will be wearing a medical mask and a face shield.

If I’m sick, should I re-book?

Yes. Do not come to the clinic or pharmacy if you are not well. All individuals will be required to do a COVID self-assessment. This will be posted on the website once clinic dates and times are determined.

Please continue to check our website for updates or call the pharmacy at 250-590-6053 ext. 1”


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